One of the biggest problems of the world in the recent time is depletion of the sources of energy. From many years there are two main sources of energy which are responsible to sail the civilization. These are coal and petroleum. However due to the excessive use of these two sources there is a scarcity of them in the world. So the scientists are trying to find the alternatives. The alternative sources should be energy efficient. It should be told first the energy efficiency and renewable energy is the criteria of the new sources. This article will give a short description on the energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The Renewable Sources of Energy

It is tried to solve the global problem of depletion of energy sources. From many years two main sources of energy The Renewable Sources of Energyhave been using. The main source of energy is coal and petroleum which are used vastly and for that these two sources are going to cease to exist. Therefore there is a need of the source of renewable energy. It is eternal truth that energy never will end. The energy source will go to end one day. On the other hand the renewable source of energy is the sources which can be reused to get energy repeatedly. The renewable energy is hence the special mode of energy which can be used repeatedly without worrying about termination of the source. There are many source of the renewable energy. Scientists have developed the methods to use biomass, wind, sun, water, and so on. Now a day the solar panels are found everywhere which are used capture the sun energy and to convert it to the electric energy or heat energy. Sun rays will never die. Hence there will be no fear of ending of the source. The most used source of energy is the water which is used to generate the electric energy. These sources can be reused again after getting the required form of energy. Hence this renewable energy is a solution of conservation of the energy sources.

What is Energy EfficiencyWhat is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is the relative matter. One can tell the energy efficiency of one machine is greater than that. It is a measurement of the efficiency. How efficient is a source by means of energy is the important point to know. Energy efficiency is getting same service using less energy. If a machine is told to be efficient than other then it is apparent that the former will provide the same service or work using the less energy. Hence energy efficiency is the key factor of preserving the various conventional sources of energy. This can be understood by some examples.

When in the office new computers, printers, or other office appliances are bought and the appliances are energy efficient, then it is clear that these machines will provide the same service against less energy. The energy efficient machines save the energy by using less electricity, heat energy, and so on.

Therefore there is a clear difference between the energy conservation and the energy efficiency. Energy conservation is the process to save energy by putting off the energy source. There the people will not get the service. On the other hand energy efficient machines are those which lower the use of energy to get the same service.


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